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Commercial Sliding Doors | Series 852 Thermally Broken Door System

Key Features / Performance Characterstics
  • Series 852 is an innovative thermally broken aluminiun commercial door system designed to complement the Elevate™ Commercial thermally broken CentreGLAZE™ and FrontGLAZE™ framing systems.
  • Incorporating ThermalHEART™ technology, Series 852 delivers excellent thermal performance and is ideal for commercial and high-end residential applications where minimising heat or cold transfer is desired.
  • To enable excellent thermal performance to be achieved, a “Thermal Break” is incorporated which separates the inside and outside elements of the frame providing an insulator to minimise the transfer of heat or cold between the elements.
  • This insulating strip is manufactured from polyamide and delivers the same structural properties as aluminium to ensure the integrity of the system is maintained.
  • Series 852 Commercial Door system incorporated fully beaded 50mm thick heavy duty door stiles and rails designed to accept 24mm IGUs.
  • We also offer a range of snap-on glazing beads to allow us to fit thinner glass – down to 4mm thick.
  • Door stiles have been designed to accept wide backset (34mm and 38mm) locks. The greater the backset the easier it is to access the key.
  • Double glazed hinged doors will be heavy and for this reason we have designed an adjustable heavy duty hinge.
  • Captive co-extruded glazing wedge option (illustrated) reduces the chance of vandalism.
  • Available as hinged, pivot and sliding panels.
  • Top and bottom rails are secured to stiles with heavy duty spigot fixed to thick backing plate with high tensile bolts.
  • Can be confiigured as sliding or stacking sliding door wiht top-hung or bottom rolling options. Can also be configured as hinged or pivot door


Maximum Panel Height* 2800mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1000mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 24mm

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