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Bi-fold Doors | Series 412 FoldMASTER Bi-fold Door (Bottom Rolling Centor)

Key Features / Performance Characterstics
    Series 412 Bi-fold door (bottom rollers) has been designed to accept the 50mm thick heavy duty Series 50 and 52 doors.
  • Can be manufactured with compliant panels up to 3000mm high.
  • Bi-fold doors roll on Centor™ F3 stainless steel bearing rollers running in heavy duty concealed sill track.
  • Heavy duty F3 will carry door panels up to 80kg.
  • The Surelock™ adjustment on the bottom pivots and carriers allow all panels to be lifted or lowered easily with a small flat screwdriver and spanner.
  • Sill rollers and pivots are positioned under the door panels and covered with flexible silicone flap. This sill flap folds over the sill carrier brackets as they roll along the sill.
  • The sill flap keeps dust and water away from the sill rollers.
  • As the rollers are under the doors there is no external projections. The 102mm frame is flush inside and out.
  • Carriers, pivots, hinges and fixings supplied in 304 / 316 stainless steel.
  • Top guide runs in semi rigid PVC channel insert to reduce noise.
  • Snap-on jamb adapter allows us to offer an extensive range of jambs to cover almost any situation.
  • Run through conventional CentreGLAZE™ jambs allow us to offer highlights over bi-fold doors with run through jambs. Run through jambs are significantly stronger and waterproof.
  • A variety of lever and lock options are available including multi-point locking for added security.


Maximum Panel Height* 3000mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1000mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 24mm

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